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Paediatric Chiropractic in Carindale

Hands around boyHelping babies and children get off to the best possible start in life is one of our passions at Life Chiropractic Centre. When your child’s spine and nervous system are functioning correctly, the rest of their body can also work as it should, and they can go about the business of growing, developing and exploring their world without nervous system interference.

It’s never too early to start – we’ve adjusted newborns just 20 minutes old!

Why Chiropractic for Children?

Being born is a physically traumatic event for every newborn. Whether it’s a vaginal birth or C-section, natural or with interventions, the birth process exerts a tremendous amount of pressure, twisting and pulling on a baby’s delicate spine.

Since the spine’s job is to protect the nervous system, any misalignments will create interference in the nervous system that can lead to discomfort, pain and other symptoms.

Newborn baby

What to Expect

We have everything here to ensure your child’s comfort – all you have to do is make an appointment and complete the new patient paperwork.

When you sit down with your chiropractor, he’ll start by asking you about the birthing process and any trauma your child may have experienced outside the birthing process, and then he’ll talk specifically about their health: do they eat well, sleep well, cry a lot, and so on.

Based on your child’s needs, we’ll conduct a gentle paediatric exam, which looks at primitive reflexes and ranges of motion and also includes orthopaedic evaluations of the hips and spine.

We typically use the Activator® to adjust babies and children, as this very low-force technique is gentle and precise enough for their smaller structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it hurt?

No, our adjustments are extremely gentle. In fact, babies often sleep right through their appointments!

Is it safe?

We are specially trained in working with little ones from the moment of birth, and our care is gentle.

Will I be in the room with them?

Absolutely! We talk with the parents first, and then you’ll be in the room for the adjustments.

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